What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

We all love cycling regardless of age, where we are or whatever we are doing. It provides us with not only sheer joy but we get some health benefits as well. This one of the best exercise that keep our system working in better manner. It strengthen our immune system, enhances brain activity and gives you longer and heathier life. It also takes care of the environment by reducing pollution.

There are different types of bicycle available and depending on gears we classify them into different categories.  This the most popular one is single speed bike. There are various reasons for which we go for singe speed bike in spite of having better technology around us.

Single speed bikes happen to have single gear ratio. In gears we make a mesh orientation among the two gears available in bikes. In the gear ratio is defined as the number of teeth used there for the interconnection between those gears. The design is very simple where we link two sprockets using a single chain. Here we more often use roller chain.

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

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In bikes, we see that there are basically two types of gear: hub gears and derailleur gear. They both serves different purposes depending upon their features. Single speed bikes happen to have none of the above mentioned gears in them.

There are various single speed bikes available on market for different purposes like trek bikes, cruiser Bike or mountain bike, hybrid bicycle, road bikes and many more. In this type of bike we see free wheel mechanism that allows coasting through its fixed parts.

Here we have discussed about the types of bicycle and its utility and now we will focus about some of the advantages of single speed bikes to understand its popularity among mass.

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

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Whenever we opt for any vehicle that we need carry with all our body strength in some situations, the first thing we need keep in mind is weight. There will be some situations where we need to carry our bike and what can be better than a light weight mechanism.

In single speed bike there are too many components absent and due to this simple mechanism this happen to weigh way lesser than multi-speed bicycle where we find hub and derailleur gears. There are less numbers of chains and brakes that also helps in weighing the single speed bikes less.

When the bike is light weight, it becomes easier for you and there are various advantages of these bikes. You can move in any direction with applying lesser power.

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

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Drive train efficiency

We find much better drive train efficiency in single speed bikes when compared to multi geared bikes. The absence of derailleur gears makes it this difference. When derailleur is present in system, it affects the whole mechanism by the drag in the gear but in single speed bike the drag is absent and the jockey pulley associated with it has no effect on its fast response.

Another advantage is that it lags on the pins and raps due to chains and cog which comes handy for the user.


The maintenance cost is something we always need to keep on mind while owning particular things. Single speed bike comes with less components that make us deal with lesser repair mechanism. The less trouble you need to bear for repair and stuff the better it is for you. The absence of any expensive parts like that of multi gear system also makes the maintenance easy.

Another thing we notice in single speed bike is its odds against winter weather. Single speed bikes easily manage the wet, gritty and muddy road with high efficiency that always turns out to be a great advantage for the riders.

In case of multi gear systems, we see that they are not that efficient in such conditions. As there are expensive parts attached to this multi speed bikes, we happen to notice higher maintenance cost for these. Being too sensitive, these parts happen to wear out in rough conditions.

The tires of the single speed bikes are very sturdy that helps the owner ride more safely and change less frequently.

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

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As we discussed earlier, there are less number of expensive parts attached to single speed gears and these feature makes it cost the overall system less. There is no hub or derailleur gears, less numbers of chains and brakes along with sprockets. All this not only results in light weight but make is cheaper as well.

Most of the times if you go for cheaper bikes, you need to compromise the efficiency and other factors but in single speed bike it is highly advantageous to get both at lower cost. This makes single speed bikes more popular than other ones available in the market in spite of better mechanism.


Simplicity in any system is always desired considering many factors. It will make your system move fast and there will be easy maintenance with lesser cost. More importantly you can fix any problem all by yourself and this won’t be a hurdle for you to understand your own bike.

More over simple design will boost up your speed and give you better control against various odds like slippery roads or bad weather.

What Are The Advantages And Usage Of Single Speed Bike

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Most of the single speed bike users take pride in their simple bikes that can handle any bizarre situation without a lot of gears, chains and brakes and very modern technology installed in them. This helps to improve their skills and makes them confident.

So far we have discussed only the advantages but we must know that like all other products it also has some darkness regarding its features and performance. There are specific regions where the paddling demands multi speed bikes and makes the single speed bikes less relevant.

Considering all the above facts discussed and other facts found in cruiser bicycle helpful tips, we conclude that single speed bikes are very effective while riding on regular basis and there is no replacement for it considering its positive effects on our health. Exercise benefits and toned legs are complimentary in the whole process.

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