Biking Vs Running - Which exercise burn more calories?

Biking Vs Running – Which exercise burn more calories?


Maintaining a healthy weight in proportion to the Body Mass Index (BMI) is extremely significant for your entire bodily system to perform its duty as it should be. Be that as it may, maintaining a healthy weight appears to be quite a headache in this day and age of hectic and demanding schedule where junk foods, more often than not, rule over our list of alternatives. As a consequence, shedding those extra calories turns out to be pretty tricky without picking up a particular exercise itinerary.

Biking vs Running

And when it comes to the point of choosing a specific exercise for losing weight, a single notion can be enough to explain it all – yes, we are referring to Cardiovascular Activities. In order to lose fat, it is essential to undergo cardiovascular or aerobic exercises to some extent. Along with that particular line of thought, you would certainly come across a series of cardiovascular exercises that might help you in cracking those extra pounds.

Before picking up an aerobic movement alternative, you do need to come to terms with some circumstances like – which aerobic exercise/s might be the best possible alternatives for you? How much time are you planning to spend in aerobic exercise/s to lose weight?

The primary rationale of any cardiovascular exercise is to strengthen the heart via increasing the heart rate and maintain the maximum-heart-rate-state for a certain time period in order to burn more calories that will ultimately support the melting of those redundant fats. Cardio activities may include Walking, Running, Cycling, Rope Jumping, Swimming, Rowing and other forms of these activities.

The Initiation

Here, this piece of the composition will focus more on two specific high-intensity cardiovascular activities that will help you greatly in your endeavor of losing weight – ‘Cycling’ and ‘Running’. We are going to look into numerous facts of these aerobic exercises and compare them at the same time in order to find out their potencies and limitations.

Before we indulge ourselves into ‘Cycling vs. Running’ showdown, we would like to sort out some of the basic and imperative facts of cycling and running in relation to the fat burning methods.

Whether it is running or cycling, both cycling and running can be referred as rhythmic aerobic activities that involve a lot of muscle movement. Both of them are great in burning calories and losing weight in succession with pressing effects. Either of these activities can help you achieve your target with an appropriate approach.


Running can be considered as one of the primordial modes of exercises for a better health. It is a high-intensity cardio activity that can improve your heart and respiratory health in addition to losing body fat. Here, running DOES NOT refer to sprinting. Sprinting can be described as more of a faster and powerful form of running. This speedy type of vigorously intensive running cannot be executed for a longer interlude.



Thanks to its highly rigorous nature, running can burn a huge number of calories in a certain time period compare to other low-intensity cardio. Afterward, it also helps to fuel a longer metabolic rate. Amongst different forms of running, ‘Jogging’ is the most considerable form that can be performed for a longer time period. Running puts more pressure on the lower half of the body and a lot of motors and muscles are associated with this procedure. As a result,

The entire running process includes hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, hip, and muscle joints in the instance of the lower part of the body while it incorporates hands, shoulders and back muscles joints with regard to the upper body workout. This entire demanding circumstance can improve the overall fitness and the sporty performance of the body as well. Moreover, thanks to its high intensive nature, it can reduce the risk of medical conditions like osteoporosis and other related issues. As a beginner, you can initiate your practice with 30 minutes three times a week session with a maximum heart rate of 60 to 80 percent.


Contrary to the highly intensive disposition of running, cycling incorporates a much milder approach when it comes to the impact of the workout and the bodily strain. With cycling, you can either choose to ride a bicycle on the street and have fun at the same time. On the other hand, you can also choose a stationary bike that might be appropriate for a workout environment.



Cycling can be considered as one of the most versatile cardio exercises in the world. Regardless of the age or sex, anyone can enjoy this movement without putting much of a pressure on the body. What’s more, you can actually control the intensity of cycling according to your comfort level. When using for losing weight, cycling can also be used for high-intensive workout sessions. Once you get accustomed to the resistance, you could upgrade it to follow an improved schedule.

The key beneficial aspect of cycling still remains in its high-intensity and low impact approach to burn fat. An hour of cycling can burn around 500 calories for each hour as a matter of course. Similar to running, cycling can also enhance the fitness and overall well-being of the body. Moreover, it will help you to develop a pair of sturdy quads. You can start your cycling endeavor with 30 minutes three times a week session with a maximum heart rate of 60 to 80 percent.

The Showdown

  • Burning Calories

Running, more often than not, burns more calories compare to cycling. However, if you increase the intensity of the resistance of cycling on a stationary bike or cycle forcefully on the road, the difference gets minuscule.

  • Melting Fat

Running excels in the area of breaking down the fat molecules that will eventually help you in melting the accumulated fat. At the same level of intensity, running can considerably improve the process of fat molecules break down in contrast to cycling. Therefore, when it comes to shedding fat, running comes on top of cycling.

  • Comfort Altitude

However you look at it, cycling is way more comfortable than running in every aspect while serving the purpose of burning calories and shedding fats. The scenario is especially true for highly obese individuals or people with certain injuries. While biking, you don’t have to carry the weight of your whole body which in fact lowers the risk of getting injured inadvertently. Moreover, cycling is more suitable for people with back or knee issues.

  • Apparatuses

Well, you can practically go anywhere when it comes to running. You just need to pick up your running shoes and you are ready to take off. However, if you want to stay indoor, you either can find an indoor track or buy a treadmill. On the other hand, biking, naturally, needs a bike for outdoor usage or a stationary bike for indoor practices.

  • Injuries

Injuries are far more frequently associated with running in contrast to cycling. Moreover, you will suffer from muscle soreness from running since you have to carry the entire weight on your body. On the other hand, cycling is a milder activity that can give you a relaxed experience on the whole.

Which exercise burn more calories

The Verdict

Even though running does possess a slight edge over cycling when it comes to burning calories or melting bone, cycling is a better alternative altogether with a series of matter-of-fact alternatives for beginners, highly obese and injured individuals. However, whether it is running or biking, it is imperative to stick to the preferable exercise regimen at the end of the day.

Things to Remember

  • It is important to start the exercise regime step by step. You should not at any cost, strain or injure yourself in the long run for an immediate effect. As a result, try not to train too hard or hastily. It will do more harm than any good.
  • Try to figure out the comfort level of your maximum heart rate. You should stay within the range of your at-ease heart rate zone. For better results, you should work out with the optimum heart rate.
  • Don’t cross the time limit of 30 minutes to 45 minutes for a single session for your cardio workout. Going beyond the limit could lead to an adverse effect and superfluous injuries every now and then. The perfect planning, intensity, session time, frequencies, hard work and determination are the keys to getting the most from any aerobic exercise, be it running or cycling.
  • Don’t forget to take a lot of drink before, during and after the training schedule. Constant water intake is pretty important since it may lead to dehydration and a drop in stamina.


To begin with, weight loss is not exactly a magical feat that will come to you after a bike-round or a single run. On the contrary, it’s a slow development that takes a lot of resolve and hard work in order to achieve the targeted figure. A perfect plan and a willpower to follow that plan to the end will allow you to realize your vision. All things considered, a suitable diet plan in addition to cardio exercises also plays an important role in shaping up your figure into a perfect one.

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