How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

One of the greatest Exercises for Loosing the Cellulite is cycling. Fitness experts all over the world encourage people to buy cycles and do a couple of rounds to stay fit and to knock off those extra pounds of body fat. Now when you are out cycling for long distances you must have a cycling bag with you to store important items such as maps, tools and an assortment of essential items.

Sometimes people ride bicycles to the grocery store but cannot buy certain items because they do not have the space to store them; this is when a carrying bag proves itsself useful. These bags are very useful for storing items like a repair kit, first aid kits, some extra clothes and provisions for the gym.

How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

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Characteristics of an ideal bicycle bag

  • The bag must be spacious
  • Try to go for a bag that can be detached from the bike
  • Buy a bag that is lightweight
  • Bags that are weather proof should be on top of your list
  • The bag should be adjustable

The different kinds of cycle bags that are found in the market

There are various kinds of bags available in the market and as a customer you will  be Spoilt for choice. Here are some of the popular types listed below.


These bags are usually attached to the rack on the rear, now every cycle does not come with a rack so you will have to install a rack to use this bag. Panniers are usually available in pairs and so they provide a lot of space. These bags can be made from a wide variety of materials such as synthetic, canvas and leather.  If you happen to tour a lot with your cycle then you should buy a pannier that is weather proof and that has clips, zippers and flaps.

Attaching these bags are very easy and detaching them is even easier. These bags do not have compartments or pockets, so you need to put your items in separate pouches and store them inside the pannier. Before you actually go ahead and buy a pannier you must put it to the test, just to make sure that it is not too big for your bicycle. The bag should not graze against the heel or touch the wheel of the bike. There are certain panniers that can be attached to the rear and front racks so as a cyclist you can carry more items.

Bicycle Saddlebag

This is also referred to as seat bags, these bags can fitted neatly under the seats with a strong clamp. These particular bags are quite small and are made to accommodate items like torch, spare items, bike lock and important tools.  You also have the option of buying a bigger size in case you wish to store many items. This saddlebag is just perfect if you are the kind of person who does not like carrying too much baggage.

So you no longer have to feel annoyed at puffy pockets being a hindrance when you are cycling, as you can transfer all those objects into the saddle bag. While installing this bag you must ensure that the clamp is attached firmly to the seat, so that it does not fall on to the mudguard.

How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

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Handlebar Bags

These bags can be attached to the handlebars of bicycles by using brackets, clamps or Velcro straps. This bag does not have the support from a rack so you cannot put too many items in it and make it heavy. The Handlebar bags are perfect for storing lightweight items such as keys, wallets and phone. The best part about using this bag is that you can have quick access to the objects  that are placed inside the bag.

You should buy a bag that has a zipper or a flap, so that the items inside the bag are secure while riding the cycle. Buy a bag that has pockets and compartments so that you can locate the items very easily. You should not overload the bag as it will make it very difficult for you to maneuver the bike. Always select a bag that will fit perfectly well with the handle of your cycle.

Rack Trunk Bag

These bags are a popular choice with the people and they are specifically designed to be placed on the rack of a cycle. These bags are quite big in comparison to the other varieties that are found in the market. These bags have a very firm base  which give them a good shape, people take these bags to camping trips. You must always pay attention to the rack in the rear  before you attach these bags.

How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

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Factors to consider before buying these bags

  • Choose a bag that can be adjusted easily, the bag should have straps that allow compression and pockets and collars that can be expanded. The features will help to change the size of the bag as and when needed. There is no doubt that these bags help to balance all of the weight and do not occupy too much space.
  • Purchase bags that will last you for a long time even it means that you have to spend a few extra bucks. The bag should not be too small or big and should meet your demands in terms of storage space. The bag should be compatible with the kind of bicycle that that you have. The bag should not in any way cause any problems with the way you pedal.
  • Buy a bag that can withstand all weather conditions, you must buy weather resistant bags that are waterproof and UV protected. These bags may cost a bit extra but you will be happy using them.
  • A bag with good features like compartments and pockets should be on top of your list, such bags will help gain access to the items very easily. Select a bag that can be opened very easily, for example a handlebar bag should have a flap for easy access.
How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

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  • Select a bag that can be detached very easily, you will obviously need to move around with the items when you have parked your cycle somewhere else. A bag with easy release brackets is very easy to use compared to the ones that have loop straps or hooks. There is no doubt that the brackets are able to provide strong support to the bag.
  • Monitor the load on the cycle and see that it is balanced well so that the cycle is not tilted to one side when it is parked. These rack on the rear is most suitable for carrying these bags.
  • Buy bags from very reliable brands at all times, as you can be rest assured of buying good quality products. Do research over the internet, read customer reviews before you go out and buy them. You can purchase these bags from online vendors who sometimes offer attractive discounts. It is better to spend a bit more and buy a good quality product than to buy cheap flimsy products.
How To Choose The Correct Bicycle Bags?

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Cycling is a great exercise for keeping fit and if you experience any Knee Pain During Cycling then you should speak to a doctor right away without any delays.

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