How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

Road bikes are perfect if one is carefree and likes to explore the unexpected. However, selecting a bike can be quite tricky, especially if one is not sure about their needs. There are various models by many manufacturers available by different manufacturers. And picking a perfect one can be complex as well as challenging. If one fails in one respect, that will result in a huge loss.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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Here are some of the points to keep under consideration whenever buying a bike if one is a novice, especially.


This is the most important factor. One needs to limit the amount they will spend on buying it. If one buys an expensive model, maintaining it will also cost a fortune. Thus, before making a purchase, it is imperative that the prices are checked very thoroughly else it will be a massive investment for nothing in return.


This is perhaps the most ignored aspect, but one of the most crucial ones. If one does not know how he will use the bike, there is no point in buying a bike. One needs to be very clear whether he will use it for leisure biking or will go for the more dangerous part of it. This helps in deciding what sort of bike one needs.

For example, if one knows he is going to use the bike mostly for hill trekking and sports adventure, he should go for a sturdy and durable bike with strong frame and heavy body. On the contrary, if a person knows he will be using the cycle for normal daily usage, he can go for simpler models.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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When one is clear about how their bike will generally be used, they can move on to decide the material they would like to get. Bikes come in various materials like aluminium, steel, titanium, and carbon fibre. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Steel is strong and is quite effective as a shock absorbent, but it makes the bikes massive. Also, it leaves the bike open for rust.

Aluminium is a lightweight material. The bikes are light weight thus less effort is needed while riding them. However, aluminium does not absorb shock very well.

Titanium is better than both of these as it is light weight as well as a good shock absorber. However, it is so expensive that it might cost you a fortune.

Coming to the rarest of all, carbon fibre, one needs to be extra cautious in this case. Since not many manufacturers use this material, one needs to have in-depth knowledge of the material. Otherwise, he may end up being conned. Also, one needs to own lots of money to be able to pay off for carbon fibre.

Quick tip: In case one wishes to have the lightest and the strongest bike, it is better to opt for carbon fibre. On the other hand, if one wants a bike only for daily regular use and leisure biking, aluminium frame is the answer.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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The design of the bike impacts one’s experience while biking. And though there are various models available in the market, very few of them are actually comfortable. So while choosing a bike, one must be careful if the design suits his requirements or not.

In the cases when one needs a bike for short durations, he can opt for the stylish bikes which are not that comfy. However, for cases where bikes need to be ridden for quite long, a sleek, subtle design that is more comfortable is more suitable.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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There are some things to check for in the design.

Handlebar distance from the seat

To check this, sit on the bike and hold the handle. If there is no discomfort, and the handle can be held very easily, it means it is fine. But if one needs to stretch the body to a level that causes discomfort, time to look for another model.

Handlebar Width

This is the measure of how wide the handle is. An easy test to check if the handlebar width is proper or not can be by sitting on the seat and then holding the handle with both hands. If one does not feel too much strain on the back or hands due to the current width, then it is well suited.

 Handlebar drop

How deep the handlebar is also one factor that must be considered. If it is too low, it will cause neck problems.

Bike components

These are the parts that are attached to the frame of the bike. The parts are arranged into group sets. Such a group set consists of brake and gears. It is important to ensure that the components are of a good company like Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. If one tries to save money on these by going for local brands, it can be fatal.

If the bike comes preassembled, it is recommended to ask the seller about the components. Or if one is getting the parts assembled by an expert, he can look into it that all the components are branded and of high quality.

Wheels impact the weight, speed, and aerodynamics of the bike. These cannot be chosen when buying, but there is always an option to upgrade the existing pieces.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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Test drive

What if after one buys a bike and then after the delivery is made, some flaw is discovered? Therefore, it is recommended that a test drive is taken. This gives an exact idea of how riding the biking will seem like. Any discomfort or uneasiness can be easily noticed and rectified therein. Also, before taking it out for a test drive, bike chain, and its lubrication must be checked otherwise one can face an accident.

Apart from all of these, one needs to know that he will need a few accessories while riding a bike, and must be equipped with them as well. Some of the rider accessories include:

Local shop

Purchasing a bicycle from the local store is preferable. Why? Because one knows the shopkeeper quite well. So it becomes easier to trust that person and believe in him when he recommends a particular bike. Also, if servicing or repairing will be needed in future, getting that done will also not be a pain. They will help one out in a very friendly manner and guide them to purchase the best bike possible for their needs.

How To Choose A Perfect Bike For Your Need?

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Buying a bike is not that much pain. If one still feels that he needs more assistance on it, it is suggested that they contact their friends and relatives who know about bikes. Having a knowledgeable person can minimise the confusion to a great extent. And then one can shop very freely.

At the end of it, one should always remember what he exactly wants. In the shop, the shopkeeper will try his best to sell the maximum expensive unit to the buyer. It all depends on the person how determined he is and how confident he is. Other than that, buying a to go on a bike tour is one of the easiest things to do.

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