Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

Do you know that cycling is considered as a popular exercise throughout the world? The health benefits of cycling are so many that people are tempted to buy a bicycle. There are lots of people who follow the ultimate guide to cycling to learn how to cycle and enjoy the benefits.

The starters in this field will be glad to know that although till now they are not aware of the types of bicycle handle bar, they can still reap the benefits of cycling. Through this article the readers can find some useful tips to cycle which can fetch them the maximum benefits of cycling.

Cycling has innumerable health benefits. Regular cycling burns your calories and tones your body. It also strengthens your legs and your muscles. Cycling is not only considered as a tool for exercise, it can also be done for fun and is also used by people to travel from one place to another. Most of the people also involve cycling in many sports and events. It is also effective in removing the stress from your life.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Cycling is the most convenient and easiest exercise which can fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy you are. If you are planning to cycle after knowing these benefits then stick to this decision. In case you are a beginner, find out some tips of cycling in this article which is going to help you a lot.

Choose a perfect bike to cycle

Almost all beginners are always in a dilemma about which cycle they should choose to start with. Remember that your old cycle is the best bicycle you can start with. If you already have a bicycle at home, no need to buy a new one. The normal bicycles are also the best for exercising.

The beginner cyclists must choose a cycle whose height matches their height. Even the distance between the seat and the handle must be such that the cyclist does not face any problem while riding the bicycle.

Go to the bicycle shop and go through the variety of bicycles available there. The different types of bicycles include women’s bicycles, bicycles which can be used for trekking purpose, bicycles which can be ridden on roads and many more. Choose a bicycle which caters your requirements.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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For riding bicycle on road you must choose a hybrid bicycle which has the road tires. The bikes which can run on simple roads are light in weight and have strong frames. The tires of these bikes are thin and hence the friction is less. These bicycles can efficiently run on paved roads.

Your cycling can be fast and easy also if you choose a bicycle with these features. However, for exercise purpose make sure that you do not choose bicycles with gears. Geared bicycle makes cycling very easy and hence it will be of no benefit to your body.

Choosing the Saddle

Regular cycling on an uncomfortable saddle may lead to sore bum. Although, the problem is reduced since your skin gets used to the saddle but choosing the right saddle gives you a comfortable ride.

Saddle plays an important role in cycling. Different types of saddles are there for men and women. For the women who think a wide saddle would be better should sit on the bicycle and run it once. Wide saddles are problematic for women since they tend to move them side to side while they pedal.

Beginners must prefer gel padded seats. For starters, riding cycle on a hard saddle might is really uncomfortable. Therefore, gel-padded seats must be preferred.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Setting the Saddle

Most of us lower down the saddles since it is more comfortable. Although, the low position of the saddle is comfortable, you might find it uncomfortable after a few rides.

For deciding the perfect position of the saddle you should sit on the bicycle. While you sit on the saddle and keep your knees on the pedal, there must be a slight bend in your knees. If the case is not the same then the saddle is either too high for you or too low for you.

Keeping the saddle at a correct angle also involves few tips and tricks. Angle the saddle towards the front if you are getting hurt in the front while riding. On the other hand, if you are finding problem sitting on the cycle from the back then change the angle.

Make adjustments as per your convenience.

Check Your Movements

After adjusting the position of the saddle you must check the movements while riding a bicycle. Ask someone to stand behind you while you ride the bicycle so that you get to know your movements.

A perfect technique to ride a bicycle is that your upper body must not move. Only the legs must move pedaling the bicycle. Due to the high position of the saddle most of the cyclists move from side to side. Therefore, adjust everything in such a way that you can right in the right position.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Proper pedaling action is also very important to ride a bicycle. While pedaling make sure that your knees move towards the front and back, if your feet move towards the sides then change your style since it is not the correct movement. Right pedaling is very important. In case you are not riding properly then change your style since the beginning only. Developing a wrong habit of pedaling may injure your body or lead to accidents.

Carry the right accessories with you

While you go out for cycling you must carry a repair kit, a helmet, a portable bicycle pump, a water bottle and good quality glasses with you. Cycling gloves, shoes and cage pedals which help to put the shoes are also required.

While cycling one must wear bright colored outfit so that they can be recognized from any distance. The outfit must be made of thin material and should be comfortable. It must be able to absorb the sweat and should be tight so that there is no effect of wind on the dress. Shorts are available in the market specifically for cycling purpose. These shorts are such designed that they do not create any problem while cycling.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Check the bicycle gear

Sore knees are experienced when a rider rides a bicycle on a higher gear. The moment you notice the problem of sore knees switch over to easier gears you will realize the difference. At times, if the saddle is not properly adjusted then also you might face the problem of sore knees. Once you shift to lower gears you can continue cycling comfortably.

During Cycling

While you start cycling make sure that you are slow in the starting. Various muscles are used to cycle, your body will go through lots of stress so do not exert much pressure in the starting itself. For two to three miles ride slowly in the beginning and then increase the speed gradually.

Knowing the rules of the road is also mandatory for your safety. You must focus on the road so that you are able to see the things on which cycling might be dangerous. Do not cycle on gravel, glass or debris if present on the road.

Reflectors must be attached to your cycle for safety. Drink lots of water before cycling. Increased temperature and heart rate may lead to problems while cycling. Heat stroke and other heat related injuries are. Relax your body while cycling.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Benefits of cycling

Cycling is considered to be one of the most beneficial exercises for all people in the world. Many take cycling as a hobby, many as a sport, many as an art and many do it for their body fitness. Cycling fulfills different purpose for different kind of people. Cycling is also declared to be the cheapest, sophisticated and eco-friendly means of transport all over the world.

Here are some of the benefits and reasons why you should cycle on a regular basis and how it is helpful in daily life.

1. It makes you look younger

It has been found by the experts from Stanford University that regular cycling protects our skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and reduces the signs of ageing. It helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles on skin.

2. Boosts intestine performance

It helps to reduce the time for the food to move through the large intestine, it limits the amount of water absorbed back into your body leading you to softer stools. Cycling is a type of aerobic exercise which accelerates your breathing and heart rate helping you to stimulate the contraction of intestinal muscles.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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3. Boosts your brain power

Your gray mater starts working efficiently if you pedal on a regular basis. The flow of blood and oxygen towards the brain is increased by cycling. This flow regenerates the receptors and keeps your brain active thereby improving your brain power.

4. Fights illness

Riding cycle keeps doctor away from you. Cycling is an exercise which activates the immunity cells and hence your body is less prone to infections or other diseases. According to a research it has been found that people who cycle for half an hour every day fall less ill.

5. Live Longer

It has been found in a research that the one who cycles on a regular basis stays biologically younger than others. No matter such people smoke or have any other bad habits, cycling lets them live a longer life.

People who exercise regularly are less prone to cardiovascular disease also. Cancer, obesity and high blood pressure are not easily found in these people. Regular cycling allows the body to defend itself from disease causing agents.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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6. Keep our planet green

Bicycles are small in size and do not require any petrol or diesel to run on. Even the material required to manufacture a bicycle is much less than manufacturing a car. The best part about bicycle is it produces zero pollution.

In today’s world, where stopping pollution is the main concern of people throughout the world, cycling helps them to reduce pollution. It is convenient to use, cause less accidents and do not give out harmful gases which affects the ozone layer.

7. Improves sex life

According to a research it has been seen that people who do physical exercise on a regular basis are able to enjoy their sex life better. The regular exercise boosts the sex drive as said by the health experts.

It has been seen that cyclists and athletes enjoy a better sexual life than the ones who do not exercise. It has also been seen that exercise has reduced the chances of impotency in men and women.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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8. Good for expecting mothers

A research from Michigan University has seen that the mothers who exercise during pregnancy have lots of benefits. They do not have to face a complicated labor pain, they recover very easily after the birth of the child, and they also stay healthy throughout their pregnancy period.

Hence, exercise during pregnancy since it keeps the mother and the foetus healthy.

9. Protects your heart

The risk of heart diseases has become negligible with regular cycling. As per the British Heart Foundation it has been seen that the person who exercises regularly or cycles regularly is safe from fatal heart diseases. Regular cycling keeps them and their heart fit.

10. People will love you

In today’s world the one who exercises regularly to stay healthy and cycles to protect the planet earth is appreciated by everyone. The bosses love such employees who cycle daily since it keeps them cheerful and active throughout the day. These people can manage workload efficiently and can also deal with stress better than others.

The workers themselves have realized that their interpersonal performance in their office has improved after they have started cycling. The breaks taken from work by such people are very few and hence they can manage more work in less time.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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11. Lose weight by cycling

People who want to lose weight and get slimmer must prefer cycling. Most of us think that jogging is the best way to reduce extra weight, but you should know that it is not so. While jogging your body weight crashes through your body while you jog. If your weight is too much, then lots of force is exerted.

Hence, switch over to cycling. The saddle on the cycle bears most of your weight and your skeleton is safe from getting hammered. Therefore, choose cycling over jogging to lose weight.

12. Become creative

All the writers, musicians and top executives come up with great ideas if they exercise on a regular basis. A study has found that people who exercise daily, be it for 25 minutes only boosts their thinking and hence they become more creative.

Again, if you cycle daily, the flow of oxygen and blood towards your grey matter will increase, this in turn makes you more creative. It sparks the neurons making you intelligent and creative than before. It also makes you capable of handling any stress in life.

13. You help others by cycling

Most of the cyclists around the world have used their health, determination and fitness to raise funds for the needy. Most of the bike foundations conduct races which raise good amount of money. This money is transferred to the needy and is contributed for a worthy cause.

14. It boosts the bellows

While riding bicycle it is natural that the lungs work harder. A person who cycles obviously needs at least 10 times more oxygen than the one who does not do any physical work.

Regular cycling improves the cardiovascular problems also which in turn allows your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. While cycling it is clear that the person inhales more oxygen and hence the heart and the lungs get more oxygen.

Therefore, daily exercise decreases the work of your heart and your lungs.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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15. More fats are burnt while cycling

Most of the physiologists have said that the metabolic rate of the body and the efficiency with which the calories are burnt is not raised when a person rides but is enhanced several hours after the cycling.

Half an hour of cycling can also burn high amount of calories and fats after a few hours you stop. Although, the process is very slow, the amount of calories burnt is more if a person cycles regularly. Hence you stay fit and healthy throughout your life.

16. Cycling is a positive addiction

If you are replacing harmful things like cigarettes, alcohol with cycling then of course it is a positive addiction.

Cycling keeps you healthier and happier throughout your life and it also encourages all good things in your life. Hence, this positive addiction is always welcomed by people all over the world.

So, get addicted to cycling for a lovely life.

To lead a healthy life is everyone’s dream. The benefits mentioned above are obviously going to give you a healthy life full of happiness. So adopt the habit of cycling and also encourage your dear ones to cycle on a regular basis.

A cycle is the cheapest doctor you can appoint for a lifetime. It keeps you healthy throughout your life and demands no maintenance charges. A simple efficient bicycle pump would do the work for you. It is affordable by almost everyone in this world. So buy a bicycle and start enjoying better and lively days of your life.

Cycles also do not have any negative impact on our mother earth. Pollution is undoubtedly the reason of most of the problems we are suffering from today. The use of motorized vehicles which run on diesel are adding to the pollution, but cycle is an eco-friendly vehicle.

Cycles does not require any petrol or diesel to run one, it just requires pedaling which keeps the person also fit and healthy. So, switch over to cycles and stop using cars since they are going to give you a clean and green environment.


The aforementioned cycling tips and benefits of cycling will actually tempt you also to start cycling on a regular basis. The benefits of cycling are too many and hence one must start this activity for a better life ahead. Although most of us cycle for fun but for others cycling is just a physical exercise which keeps them healthy and fit.

Choose a cycle with pedals so that it requires strength to run on the roads. Choosing an Electric bike would also be helpful especially in case of any emergency. In case you are tired to pedal further, an electric bike can take you to your destination. Electric bikes requires pedaling only during their start, rest is the job of the motor installed in these bikes.

Cycling Guide: Top Useful Tips For Beginners & Benefits

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Cyclists must also carry a bicycle pump with them in case of any emergency. To keep the tires of the cycle maintained throughout one must be wise in selecting the tight bicycle pump. A bicycle pump must be of perfect size and shape so that it can easily be carried wherever the cyclists want. The pump must also be of good quality and must efficiently fill air in the tires whenever required.

Lots of types of bikes are available in the cycle shops, the cyclists must choose the one which fulfills their needs. There are bikes which run on roads and there are bikes known as cyclocross bikes. It is the responsibility of the cyclist to research well about both the bikes so that differentiating road bikes with cyclocross bikes is easy for them.

Hence, start cycling for a better health and a better environment. This cheapest mode of transport can be used by people of any age group since it is light in weight. The chances of accidents are also reduced if people prefer cycles over other motorized heavy vehicles.

Buy one cycle today and start practicing to stay a long and healthy life!

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