How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

Regular cycling has lots of health benefits. It is also an ideal exercise which burns most of your calories and also helps you lose weight. The exercise benefits of bicycling are too many which help the cyclists lead a better life than the ones who don’t exercise.

Most of the health problems are caused due to increased weight. The only way to get rid of such health problems is to reduce excessive weight. People all over the world try out different exercises to lose the weight. However, trying out tough exercises is equivalent to practice simpler ones on a regular basis. So, prefer the simple exercises to burn your calories and extra fats daily.

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

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One such simple exercise is cycling. For losing weight the calories needs to be burnt along with the excessive fats. While cycling the number of calories burnt depends on the weight of the body, the genetic combinations and the intensity with which the bicycle is ridden. If the rider rides the bicycle in uphill direction, the chances of burning the calories increase and overall health of the person is improved.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is a perfect exercise which if done on a regular basis cuts down your excessive weight. It works in the following ways:

  • Burning the Calories:

Cycling involves motion of the legs against gravity and resistance, moving the body for cycling requires lots of energy which in turn burns the extra calories. Cycling daily at a speed of 5 mph for half an hour burns 75 to 155 kcal of calories of your body. On the other hand if the cyclists go for a moderate ride at 10 mph 190 to 415 kcal is burnt in 30 minutes. If vigorous cycling is performed at 15 mph, around 300 to 670 kcal are burnt.

  • Muscle Development:

While cycling muscles like quadriceps, small calf muscles and hamstring which are the large muscles play an important role. The muscles are used during cycling and hence cycling develops the muscles and makes them stronger. Regular cycling makes you look lean and strong. The metabolic rate of your body is also increased which in turn burns the extra calories of your body. The muscles at the abdominal and back are strengthened and hence the posture and balance of your body is improved.

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

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  • Joints work easily:

Cycling is an easy exercise in which there is no need to bear weight. This exercise does not exert much pressure on the joints and tendons. It just involves little bit of motion.

  • Cardiovascular Fitness:

The cardiovascular fitness is improved by regular cycling. Staying fit keeps the cyclists energetic throughout the day. The risk of heart diseases is also reduced. The chances of high blood pressure also becomes minimal.

  • Prevention from Diseases:

Lots of dreadful diseases like hormonal imbalance, diabetes and much more are cured by regular cycling. If you do not have such disease, the chance of occurrence of these diseases is also reduced.

  • Stress Release:

Stress is an inevitable part of one’s life. Most of the times, we suffer from acute stress which results in several diseases and health problems. Cycling can help you forget your stress for some time. For the people who love cycling, it relaxes their mind.

  • Easy to Start:

Cycling is the easiest exercise. Although the range of intensity of cycling is very wide you can start from the easy ones. Even if cycling is done at low intensities it burns calories. Once you get used to cycling the level of intensity can be increased.

Therefore, no need to start with the hardest level in cycling, give an easy start and gradually increase your intensity to cycle.

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

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The pointers mentioned above very well support the point that cycling helps you to lose weight. In today’s generation where staying healthy and fit is a challenge for everyone, cycling is the best way to stay healthy. As we all know, most of the health problems we have occur due to excessive weight. So, take measures to reduce your weight and stay healthy throughout your life. Choose a comfortable cycle for yourself, at the initial stage start cycling in a simple manner and you can start cycling regularly once you get used to cycling.

Other benefits of cycling

Apart from the health benefits of cycling mentioned above, cycling is also beneficial for society, economy and the precious environment.

Socially, cycling is a health activity. It can be enjoyed with friends and family. The benefits of cycling is so much that you tend to encourage your closed ones also to cycle on a regular basis. It burns fats and calories and hence is very important for the well-being of everyone in the society. Hence, encourage others also to cycle and go for cycling in a group.

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

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Economically, a cycle is the cheapest mode of transport. It does not require fuel or diesel to run on. It also save the parking costs since it is small in size. Therefore, people belonging to all classes can afford to buy and maintain a cycle. Apart from providing health benefits, it can also be used to go from one place to another.

Environmentally, as we all know that our mother earth is depleting day by day due to increase in pollution. Most of the pollution is caused by the vehicles which run on fuel and emit harmful gases into the environment. A cycle on the other hand reduces the risk of pollution. It does not emit carbon dioxide which leads to global warming.

How Cycling Helps You For Weight Loss

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Cycling can be performed in small areas also. If you want to buy bicycles for outdoor activities then you can choose any one among mountain bikes or the road racing bikes. However, for losing weight a simple cycle would also be helpful.

For the ones who consider cycling as a sport and as a fun activity they can buy cycling shoes for spinning. On the other hand for the others who cycle for good health can cycle with normal cycling shoes also.

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