What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

Bicycling is one of the most loved activity all over the world. Regardless of age, all love to ride our single speed bicycle. It brings us great joy and excitement and helps us to explore the places we have never been to before. This is our partner in crime and always have our backs, however, critical the situation gets.

With the advancement of technology, we got introduced with vehicles that have more speed, style and advancement design but over the ages bicycle seems to loose no popularity. There are several reasons why we always stick to our two-wheeler friend. Ranging from our health to our environment, bicycle always tend to leave positive aspects everywhere. Here we will discuss about some of the exercise benefits it has on us.

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

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Care for your heart

A survey made by Purdue University of US have stated that regular cycling can reduce your risk of heart sickness by 50 percent. In accordance with the British Heart Foundation, approximately 10,000 lethal heart attacks could be easily circumvented every year if people work on keeping themselves in improved shape. Cycling for just 3 miles a day diminishes your risk of heart attack or any kind of heart disease to fewer than half of those who take no workout at all.

Cheerful way to lose weight

This is our common conception to head for jogging if we want to lose our weight or extra fat. While running burns a nice amount of fat, it’s not very generous of you to go for that if you’re a bit larger than you actually should. Here’s the thought – two to three times of your actual weight goes bumping through your body and skeleton when your foot meets the ground. That’s a lot of force your body is dealing with that too constantly as your jogging usually continues at least 20 or 30 min. Instead, go out on a bike – your weight is completely handled by the saddle, so your skeleton doesn’t need to take a pounding. Running can be easily replaced by cycling with the same desired result.

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

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Improvement at any sport

Whether you want to be in prime shape or just improve your weekly sports skill like tennis game or something else, a decent period in the saddle is the way to initiate. A recent medical survey held in Norway with the concept of Aerobic Endurance Training, made it pretty clear that the benefits of regular cycling are pretty undeniable to other sports and activities.

Better sleep at night

In our hectic schedule the most important thing we need to carry out a healthy life is sleep. Because of tension, exhaustion and stress we are more likely to fall asleep late at night. Among all remedies, cycling seems to be the most sensible one. It allows you to relax and explore new places or simply roaming around your favorite point. The closer you come to nature the better your system works and you tend to get better sleep at night. This can solve almost 70 percent of your health problems.  So cycling will always provide with better health condition by causing you appropriate sleep at night. Keep cycling and da fresh morning will welcome you.

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

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Gift yourself a younger look without makeup

Researching under Stanford University, Scientists have discovered that cycling habitually can guard your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation that we need to deal with a lot every day and reduce the several signs of ageing. Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, a Harley Street dermatologist backs up this idea by saying that cycling being special kind of exercise, increases circulation in our system that in turn enhances the oxygen and nutrients delivery to the skin cells and eliminates harmful toxins from them. It also create a perfect environment in our system that produces optimum collagens which helps to eliminate the chances of appearance of wrinkles. It also effectively speed up the healing of our skin. So before switching to any anti-ageing cream or treatment look at your childhood friend and spend some time together.

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

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Enhance your brain capability

If you want to add some glitter to your gray matter then start pedaling. Illinois University Researchers states that a 5 percent enhancement in cardio-respiratory system that we get from cycling leads to an enhancement of up to 15 percentage in mental assessments. That’s because cycling happen to speed up the generating of new brain cells in the hippocampus – the part of our brain that deals with memory, which starts to deteriorate after the age of 30.

Reduces illness tendency

Apples seems to be backdated, switch to riding to keep the doctor away. The chief dietician of St. George hospital of London, Cath Collins suggests that a certain amount of exercise makes our immune systems more powerful and they can easily eliminate various chances of infections or allergies. In fact, if we follow the research from the University of North Carolina, we can see that people who cycle for 20 miles a week are prone to apply for sick days much lesser than those who avoid cycles.

Help in digestive system

According to Bristol University experts, the time food takes to reach large intestine through our body can be controlled by exercise. Due to the condition of body after cycling, it takes less time to move there and our body gets less time to absorb water from the food which later result in softer stools. It also takes care of the muscles of intestines that in turn prevent bowel cancer.

What Are The Different Exercise Benefits Of Bicycling

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Have longer life span

King’s College London started a program with identical twins and they compared around 2400 of them to record a surprising fact that upholds the truth of cycling regularly. They found that among all those identical twins who go for exercise by cycling are around nine years biologically younger than the ones who refused to take cycling seriously. Even we overlook the BMI or smoking habits in them, it is observed that just 135 min of cycling per week has done this trick for them. So to live happily for more years, cycling should be on your to-do list.

There are other benefits as well like improved sex life, enhancement of baby during gestation age and many more. By cycling we can avoid pollution as well that has great effect on our system and environment at the same time.

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