Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

Cruiser bikes, also known as a beach cruiser, are the range of bicycles that combine balloon tires, a single speed drivetrain, an upright seating posture, and a steel construction. These have been around the corner since 1930s and come under the category of hybrid bicycles.

Cruiser bikes were originally designed to be ridden on beaches and the surrounding area as the handle and tires were perfect to ride on flat and smooth surfaces. Also, cruiser bikes are more durable, stronger and affordable. There are various types of bicycle and its utility. However, here the discussion shall be restricted to cruiser bikes.

If one is planning to buy a cruiser bike, here are some of the tips to consider before making the purchase. These depend on the following factors like:

  • Bike size
  • Brakes and gears
  • Frame
  • Seat
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Cost
Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

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Bike size

This is the most important factor when choosing a cruiser bike. If the bike is not of the proper size, it will spoil the entire fun and experience of biking. In fact, the advantage with cruisers is that they don’t need much of personalization when fitting. So no need to spend riches on it. Just get one preassembled or assembled by an expert.

The next thing that comes into play in bike size is the frame. There are two types of frame- men and women. Men’s frame has a top tube that spans straight across. It starts at the head tube top and ends at the seat tube top. The style varies with manufacturers and models, but all of them will run straight across the two ends. Such frames may restrict movement and prove to be uncomfortable for the women, especially the ones who wear skirts and similar outfits.

On the contrary, the women’s frames have a top tube that starts at the head tube top and instead of going across straight, dips down to the centre or the seat tube bottom. Thus, there is a lower stand over height, and hence, the women can get off the cycles in a much more comfortable and subtle way without lifting their legs. Again, the styling varies with manufacturers and models.

One can even choose a unisex bike. These hybrid bikes have extended cranks. As a result, one can stretch the legs and paddle easily.

The next step in choosing the bike size is the size of the frame. Cruiser bikes come in different sizes unlike the mountain and road bikes. Cruiser bike size is determined by the wheel diameter. Thus, adult cruisers are 26 inches. These are made specifically for women between 5’1” and 6’2” and for men whose height ranges between 5’4” and 6’2”. The frame size varies only very slightly for men and women. The step over and seat tube heights are a little lower for the women. However, all the other dimensions are almost similar. Any difference arises due to different manufacturers.

Then there is a 24” beach cruiser. It is designed for women shorter than 5’1” and for men lesser than 5’4”. These are compatible for children above 8 years of age also. Then there is a 29” size that is recommended for people over 6’4”. All the sized should be chosen meticulously.

Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

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The next crucial thing is gear. The choice needs to be made if there is a need of these or not. And that depends on the type of biking and terrain.

There are two types of cruiser bikes on the basis of gears. These are single speed and multi-speed. Both of these come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Single speed cruiser: It is the usual beach cruiser. There are quite a few advantages of single speed bike. There are no gears but just traditional coaster brakes. This results in a clean and classic look. These bikes are perfect if one is up for short rides, more like leisure rides in plains or minimal heights. However, they are not at all recommended if one needs to go on a long ride or bike over the hills.

Multi-speed cruiser: These come in various speeds. There are a front as well as rear hand brakes and equip an external rear derailleur. Thus, there can be seven or six different gear ratios. The first gear offers the least resistance and pedalling with changing to the next gear keeps increasing the resistance and speed. The higher gears are recommended when one wants to ride at high speeds on flat surfaces. Lower gears come in handy when trekking.

Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

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Cruiser bikes are built with either steel or aluminium. Steel frames are heavier as compared to aluminium, but more open to rusting. This is the reason they are less expensive. On the other hand, aluminium frames are lighter and of better quality. They are not susceptible to rust, hence last longer that the steel frames.


The seat should be preferably wide and must come with spring action. This is needed because the rider is sitting all the time so the sitting muscles must be at comfort. Also, cruiser bikes are designed for slow and leisure biking. So there is no need of the designer seats.

Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

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Front and rear fenders

Buying bikes with fenders is more economical. In case, one does not need them, he can remove them in future but getting a bike with fenders pre-installed is usually recommended. These keep the mud, dirt, sand at bay.


Whichever shop the purchase is made from, the warranty should be checked. The bike should be tested before it is bought. This ensures that there is no loose part. If any fittings need to be made, or size adjusted, then it can be done on the spot. Also, the bike can be bought preassembled or can be assembled by a professional.


Choose a bike that suits the budget. Going beyond the expense limit is definitely not recommended. Simpler bikes look more elegant. Adding too may accessories may make it look shabby. Therefore, it is better to choose a bike that it’s the budget and fulfils the necessities. Bottle holder, basket, gears and brakes, fenders and any other basic thing can be added depending on the requirement.

The weight limitation of the bike should also be checked so that the bike does not cripple due to the weight of the rider.

Help Your Needs With Tips On Cruiser Bicycle

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Buying a cruiser bike is not that difficult a task.

Cruiser bikes don’t need much of maintenance as well. Regular cleaning and servicing are all it takes. Accessories can be added or removed depending on the requirements. Cruiser bikes are a great option for normal regular cycling. One should analyse all the requirements and then make the best decision that will suit his needs to the fullest.

Biking is a lovely sport and if the bike is itself not proper, it can hamper and spoil the entire cycling experience. Therefore, it is mandatory that all the requirements are analysed very well before buying it. Once bought, regular servicing and cleaning are all that is required to keep up the pleasant experience. Then go for leisure biking or hill trekking, it will all seem just a piece of cake.

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