Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike Inforgraphic

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike Infographic

An Electric Bike is a clear example of comfort and convenience. This cost-effective bike is basically a bicycle which has a rechargeable battery. It is very light in weight and hence preferred by people to travel long distances.

Riding this bicycle is also very easy and an ultimate guide to cycling is available for beginners to learn how to ride this bicycle. Be it a beginner or a professional any of them can ride this motor bicycle to fulfill their requirements.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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How to choose an Electric Bicycle?

Choosing an Electric Bicycle which suits your need requires little bit of wisdom and knowledge. While you select an electric bike you must not only consider the ones with a good battery life, other aspects of the bike which include its weight and cost must also be considered.

Prefer buying a bicycle which is light in weight and which can match your style of biking. If you are still confused then your confusion will end at the end of this article. All the vital pointers which must be considered while buying a bicycle are clearly mentioned in this article.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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In general it is said that test ride can give you a clear idea for purchasing a really decent electric bike. One must ride a bicycle without activating the power of the electric bicycle. Without power if the bike runs smoothly then it would probably run better if it works in electric mode. Choose a bike which meets all your requirements. There are lots of types of bicycles which include road, cruiser, hybrid or mountain which are special in their own ways. Choose the one which can fulfill your needs and can gratify your style of riding.

Height of the bicycle must also be taken into consideration while buying a bicycle. Choose a bicycle which can be ridden comfortably.

Types of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes can be operated in two ways which are:

  • Pedal-assisted
  • Throttle assisted

Pedal assisted Electric Bikes

The electric bikes which are pedal assisted do not have an on off control. The rider has to pedal the bicycle and the bicycle has sensors which retort to the pedal.

There are 2 types of pedal sensor bikes as given below:
1. Rotation Sensing Pedelec
The pedal assisted electric bikes equipped with rotation sensors assess the rider whenever they pedal the bike in the forward direction. With each pedal the rider takes, the speed of the bike increases and hence accelerates the motor which in turn provides more control to the rider. After the rider starts riding the pedal for a few seconds, the motor gets started.
2. Torque Sensing Pedelec
As the rider applies force to the pedals of the bicycle, the torque sensors in torques sensing pedal assisted bicycle increases the power. The power is increased as per the power supplied by the rider. The pedals rotation is sensed by the torque sensors. The faster the rider pedals, more power is supplied by the motor of the bike. This feature of the bike makes it easier for the riders to ride uphill. Even in windy weather, the more the rider pedals, the more energy is supplied. Hence, the rider does not get tired since the motor in these bikes provides and extra boost to the riders.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Throttle assisted Electric Bikes

Throttle assisted electric bikes have a control button or a throttle which is an on and off switch. In these bikes there is no need to pedal greatly for riding them. It is more of a bike but it comes with a pedal since with pedals this bike will be considered as a bicycle. Bicycles do not need a driving license and hence most of the countries prefer throttle based electric bikes with pedals.

A switch is present in the handlebar from where the rider can easily Stop and start the bike. Even the power of these bikes can be changed just like an electric bike. The throttle present in throttle based electric bikes provides the initial energy mandatory to start them.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Different Motor Types

After looking through the several models of electric bikes you will realize that these bikes have different motors. Few bikes are equipped with hub motors and few others by external motors.

External motors mounted on the side of the bicycle are really common in electric bikes which are present in market today. However, nowadays most of the bikes are being manufactured with hub motors. The hub motors have modernized the enterprise of the electric bikes and are more efficient than the external motor electric bikes. Hub motors provide a greater speed and torque to the bikes.

Hub Motors

Hub motors are more popular in most of the electric bikes these days. These hub motor is attached towards the midpoint of the rear and the front wheel. The electric bikes which have been provided with hub motors at the rear wheel provide an excellent force to the riders. The rear hub motors also do not obstruct the steering movement of the bikes and allows it to run fast.

The electric bikes with hub motors are less in power than the crank driven motors. The hub motors cannot accommodate more than one gear.

On the other hand the hub motors which are placed on the front wheel of the bikes provides better grip to the riders. Hence, these bicycles can be ridden in mountain areas.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Geared motors in the electric bikes have planetary gears. These brushless gears are able to channelize the control of the motor towards the wheels of the bike. Although these motors don’t provide much speed to the electric bikes, they can ease the process of starting the bike initially.

The bikes can also be used for riding uphill since they provide excellent grip to the riders. Geared motors are light weighted and compact in size. They can offer a speed of around 20-25 mph. The electricity consumed by these motors is also very less, the range of electricity required varies between 200 to 500w.

There are motors which consume more power and provide great speed if installed in an electric bike. These high power electric bikes can be used for the purpose of climbing mountains.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Gearless Motor

The bikes with gearless motors are faster than the geared ones. These bikes can run on a speed of 25-30 plus mph. The gearless motors have reduced torque and the power consumed by these motors is too much in comparison to the geared motors. These motors are heavier.

As per the law, the speed of the electric bicycles must not go past 20 mph. The bikes whose speeds exceed 20 mph are counted in motor vehicles as declared by US Department of NHTSA. Therefore, such bikes must follow few safety measures as per the law.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Crank Drive System

When you go through different kinds of electric bikes, you might have come across the bikes which have motors close to the pedals. At times, the motors are also placed above the mid-frame of the bikes. This motor is connected through the chain of the bicycle and electric bicycle moves through their real wheel gears. Hence, greater torque is provided to the cycle, and this motor is declared as the best motor which must be preferred for mountain climbing trips.

The crank drive system is heftier than the other electric bikes. This system is mostly found in pedal assisted electronic bike in which pedaling is must for speeding up the bikes.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Different Battery Types

The battery of the electronic bikes is also an important point which must be considered while buying them. The bikes which have been already built use Li-ion or Sealed lead acid (SLA) battery whose voltage range from 24V to 48V. The cost of the battery also depends on the kind of battery used.

NiMh batteries are also used in most of the bike-conversion kits. The NiMh batteries are long lasting and hence are more expensive. On the other hand, SLA batteries are inexpensive but are heavier. SLA batteries work for 1-2 years and the power they require range from 300-500. If SLA batteries are 75% charged, they can have a long life.

The Li-ion batteries are again light in weight and are durable. These batteries are also costly in comparison to the SLA batteries.

The warranty of the batteries must also be investigated properly before buying the electric bike.

Important Tips On Choosing An Electric Bike

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Cost and Weight of the Electric bikes

The weight of the bike must also be considered depending upon the purpose with which you are buying the bike. The light weighted bikes are expensive. Therefore, do proper research on the weight and cost of all the electric bikes and then take a final decision.


Reputable brands must be preferred by the customers. Choose the bike which is the latest model manufactured by the company since these bikes will consist of updated parts. Choosing latest bikes which are still in production will allow you to buy any spare parts of your bike if needed in future.

The electric bike manufactures also provide their customers with a handbook which has tips for beginners & benefits so that they can know in details about the bike they have purchased.


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