Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

Before anything, let us first see what spinning is. It is indoor cycling that has been popular among people for quite some time and by the love they have shown it, spinning is bound to stay here for much longer. It may seem like a simple workout but is very rigorous indeed. There are many exercise benefits of bicycling. It increases the heart rate, burns calories and enhances the lung capacity.

Spinning is a good exercise, but people are not able to reap its benefits because they do not get the perfect pair of shoes. They think that sneakers will solve the problem, but that is their biggest mistake. Spinning shoes are the answer and here are listed the reasons as to why exactly.

Some people argue that these are damn expensive. But not after realizing their benefits.

Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

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Power factor

Cycling shoes have stiff soles. Thus, any force you exert with your legs goes straight to the pedals. Unlike your typical sneakers, it does not get absorbed in the soft cushion of the soles. Thus, you can get over the resistance more easily as compared to the non-cycling shoes.

This also increases the revolutions per minute and increases your efficiency. Any power you put in is output in the proper form of the exercise.

Alignment factor

Sneakers have a disadvantage. They keep slipping off the pedals. You need to regularly put your foot on the pedal so that you can exercise. This gets cumbersome and can even lead to sprains or unnecessary pain.

However, with cycling shoes, which lock into place, you do not need to constantly keep worrying about that. These shoes stay in place and are much better aligned. Thus, there is no chance of ankle, knee or hip injuries.

Comfort factor

These shoes provide more support. For the people with bigger shoe sizes, keeping the ball of the feet over the centre of the pedal gets complicated. This is because they are forced to drive with their toes. And that can get very uneasy. And the ones with smaller feet sizes have to put the feet over the centre of the pedals. That also gets highly inconvenient because the arch of the feet lies over the centre of the pedal. The only way out is clipping, which these shoes provide.

Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

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Muscle building factor

Spinning is an awesome exercise if you are planning to build some muscles. It targets the glutes and core. Also, since the shoes provide enough comfort and do not strain the body unnecessarily, the quality of the sweat session is improved radically.

Even after knowing all this, most people think that it is quite an expensive affair and therefore, tend to avoid spending on cycling shoes. Well, in that case, know this, these shoes will last for many years. Also, you can use these not only for cycling but also for mountain biking.

It is recommended to take a test ride when buying these shoes as it will help verify for what you are spending

Now, many people after realizing the benefits of spinning shoes go and empty their wallets in the store. However, if you cannot afford to do so, there is an easy way out while shopping these. Drop the idea of bells and whistles in shoes. Just pick up a Velcro fastener and one that is lightweight and you are ready to burn some calories via cycling interval training.

Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

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Also, if you are using spinning shoes indoors only, there will be minimal wear and tear to the shoes. Of course, if you use them to mountain bike, they will get dirty. But still, they will last quite long. Also, your entire social circle will appreciate you when they see this.

Earlier, there used to be two types of pedals in the indoor cycles. One side had SPD cleats and the other side used to have road bike cleats. One could also bring their own pedals and swap them with the existing ones.

But these days, there is the only type of pedals that is called the SPD. SPD stands for Shimano Pedalling Dynamics.

After having known how exactly these shoes work, let us put them all together. These are reasons why you should opt for cycling shoes instead of your regular sneakers.

  • The cycling shoes have stiffer soles. Thus, as already mentioned, more power efficiency is achieved when pedalling. Less power comes from your feet due to the feet bending and flexing, so more power goes to the pedal from the legs which results in faster speeds. Also, while standing out of the saddle, you will be having a better balance and will feel more comfortable.
  • Since the shoes lock in, the feet will stay in position. There won’t be any slipping which will prevent any sort of injuries.
  • Of course, if your feet are in a comfy position, they will be happy as well. To elaborate it, there are a few spots in the feet which ache after a strenuous workout. Since the soles are stiff, the entire pressure due to pedalling is spread over a large area which reduces this pain.
  • Pedalling gets smoother. It reduces the pressure on your quadriceps muscles and exercises the hamstrings.
  • No more laces mean you won’t have the fear that your feet will be stuck anywhere. No tension of laces getting untied every time means more focus on exercise. Also, Velcro systems are faster, so you just put the shoes on and strap it up!
  • You can also walk on the floor without damaging it.
  • Shoes are lightweight. Thus, you won’t feel like you are carrying a heavy burden tied to your feet. They will be happy and relaxed like anything.
  • And after all of this, you can be sure that your workout will be a splendid one. When one does not have to worry about anything, productivity automatically increases.
Why You Need Cycling Shoes For Spinning

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Spinning shoes are definitely worth their price and features. They not only escalate the workout experience but also take off the extra tiredness from the feet. Happy feet mean happy life!

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