Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

As we go through the tips for beginners & benefits of cycling we realize how beneficial cycling actually is. Cycling also has lots of health benefits. Cycling keeps our body fit since pedaling a bicycle requires energy. This power and energy required in cycling are similar to the energy spent on daily workouts by people. Hence, cycling keeps us healthy.

Bicycle is one of the cheapest and an eco-friendly mode of transport used by people to travel from one place to another. Most of the youth and the sport lovers also love bicycle since they can perform stunts and race with a bicycle which in turn develop their skills and physical fitness. Riding bicycle reduce the chances of accidents, hence it can also be marked as a safe mode of transport.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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As everyone knows that every machine in the world requires regular maintenance so that they are long lasting and work smoothly. Bicycle is also one of them and hence it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

A Bicycle Pump

While riding bicycle one must keep in mind that all the pressure of their body lies in both the tires of the bicycle. The pressure exerted on the tires should not be decreased but one must make sure that a proper balance is maintained for enjoying a smooth and easy ride. Riding in low pressure tires may lead to damage in the tires. To avoid damage of tires and to keep the pressure of tires up to the mark all we need to do is to have a bicycle pump.

Bicycle pump is undoubtedly the most important tool for bicycle riders. One should always keep a compact pump while travelling and one track pump at home to avoid low pressure of tires while riding the bicycle. Keeping a small pump with you while you are riding saves you from trouble. If the tires of your bicycle shrink at wrong place and time you can easily repair them. Bicycle pump also comes under the most important accessory just like helmet, brakes and rear view mirrors which must be present with each and every cyclist.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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Therefore, buy a good quality bicycle pump which can make your journey more enjoyable. In case you are confused about the quality of bicycle pumps, this article will surely clear your confusion.

Features a good quality bicycle pump must posses

Before buying a bicycle pump one must check that whether the bicycle possesses the following features or not.

  • Appropriate Chuck For The Valve

The bicycle owners must know which head fits the valve of the bicycle better. There are basically three types of valves used by the manufacturers named as Presta valve, wood or Dunlop valve, and Schrader valve. Among these, the most known kind of valves used by the manufacturers are Presta and Schrader valve. Wood/Dunlop valve is also cast-off by some of the motorcycle manufacturing companies which can be exaggerated using the Presta adapter also.

Like some families may have additional bikes with them, or they usually have bikes for various cycling styles, it is recommended for them to have a pump with dual valve. Dual valve pumps are available in the market which has both Presta and Schrader adapter in a single head for their convenience. As presta valve has reduced size as compared to a Schrader valve.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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  • Gauge & Pressure Capacity

It is recommended by the manufacturers to have pump for bike which meets the pounds per square inch (PSI) on the tires sidewalls. If you keep the tires puffed up always at the most favourable pressure levels, the chance of your tires getting punctured will become very low. The durability of the tires is also increased making the ride simple and smooth for you. You must also try to have a pump for bike, which has gauge attached to it so that you can pump in the correct amount of air in the tires to avoid unfavourable condition. Gauge helps you to keep a track of air and pressure in the tires.

  • Weight And Material

The weight and material of the bike pump must always be considered before buying it. Light weight material is always easy to carry and is also very easy to handle. Meanwhile, materials of the pump also have a major role. The materials from which the parts of the pump (external and internal) are made decide the efficiency and endurance of the pump.

It has been tested that alloy pumps are much more robust in comparison to the plastic pumps. Plastic pumps are usually light in weight and are also easy to transport during rides. Aluminum being light in nature is the best suited material for pumps because if you carry pumps made of metal alloy they become a bit heavier and adds weight to the rider’s bike bags. Therefore, choose light weighted pumps only.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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  • The Pump’s Base Stability 

If you are planning to purchase a pump for track bike, you will have to make a decision between fixed and fold-up base. Pumps having a fixed base in it tend to provide much more constancy while you are propelling air into the tire. The stability of the pump is also defined by its inclusive weight. The disadvantage of having a fixed base pump is it is difficult to store because it is bulky in nature meanwhile pumps having fold-up base is less steady in comparison with pumps having fixed base but are cooler to fold and carry.

  • Compatibility With Bike Frame

If you want to pick an apposite and a moveable handheld pump you must guarantee that the purchased pump is compress enough to fit inside your bike frame. The pump need not be long or thick enough because it may make you feel uncomfortable while riding. The pump should contain decent quality clamps so that it is adjusted to the cinch of the frame of the bike. If the purchased pump does not comes with string clamps than you may buy extra pairs from any trusted store. Always go for pumps which do not create any kind problem for you while placing it on your bike.

  • Replaceable parts

Always keep in mind that the pump which you are going to purchase should have parts which can be replaced easily if tampered. Bike pump’s spare parts are sold at many shops, so it will be easier for you to find what you are searching for. If you purchase pump from any popular manufacturer then there are chances that you can get your pump refurbished by the certified shops or you may get a new one.

If you are planning to purchase an expensive bike pump, then you must properly investigate that purchased pump has a warranty. These pumps can be exchanged in case of any problem and the spare parts are also available for free if the pump is within the warranty period. The pumps within warranty period do not require any additional investment from the customers’ side. In case, the air is escaping from the pump hose, you must immediately get it substituted or else you will have to put more strength while refilling your bike tires with air.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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  • Always choose a manufacture that has a good name and goodwill in the market

Manufacturers name and fame should always be kept in account while purchasing a pump. Remember, the brand always matter. Different brand comes with different varieties and qualities. You should always opt for the best amongst them, so that you have the perfect pump which gives you a mental satisfaction and stays with you for a long time.

Always enquire first about the ongoing current market rates of the pumps so that you are not charged extra for the product you are buying. Grasp some information from the workers working in this particular field for brief about the perfect pump for you.

In instance you agreed on ordering the pump for your bike from an online retailer, make yourself sure that you order a reputable brand from a reliable store whose merchandises have been reviewed by numerous customers with positively feedback.

Selecting The Right Bicycle Pump – Useful Tips

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Every bicycle rider must own a bicycle pump for any accidental cases. The features mentioned above must be strictly considered while buying a bicycle pump. Make sure that the pump is light weighted and compact in size so that it can be carried easily.

Just as the types of bicycle and its utility are different, the bicycle pumps used to pump in the air into the bicycle tires also come in large varieties. It depends on the customer which bicycle pump he would choose for his bicycle.

After going through the ultimate guide to cycling the readers will also come to know about the importance of bicycle pumps. The procedure to fill in air in the tires of the bicycle is also very clearly mentioned. Therefore, if you own a bicycle, buy a good quality and portable bicycle pump also since it is an important tool for you.


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