Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

There is no denying that the knee is complex structure that connects the legs and the thigh. If you subject your knee to a lot of strain you can experience a lot of problems with your knees. The anatomy of a knee is difficult to comprehend. The knee joint is the biggest joint within the human body and it lends its support the weight of our body. If your knee is injured then you could have trouble in performing your daily activities like Exercises For Loosing The Cellulite.

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

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In certain cases people have also complained of knee pain during cycling, if you face this problem you should get in touch with a doctor right away and have the problem rectifies. There can be several reasons that give rise to knee pain. There are several exercises that can reduce knee pain within a short time.

The various kinds of knee pain

Patellofemoral Pain

This pain originates in the cap area of the knee, the patella moves around in different angles and when it brushes against the femur that is when the pain starts. This area of the joint experiences tremendous movement and is also susceptible to strain and pain. As cycling requires a lot of circular motion the knee is under constant strain. As a result of which cyclists suffer from chronic Patellofemoral pain.


This pain also happens near the kneecap. Cycling and muscle training can sometimes cause this pain as the knee is subjected to a lot of strain. These activities cause substantial amount of tear and wear around the knee joint. A Cartilage covers the patella and the femur and t also helps the knee to perform various movements. If this cartilage sustains injuries or is damaged a person can experience a lot of pain.

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

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Precautions to take before cycling

Experiencing excruciating knee pain is not something you would relish, so it is much better to take some amount of precautions so that you can cycle to your heart’s content and not experience any pain. Well here are some really cool tips that you can follow to carry on your cycling activity without pain.

Making adjusting to the gear

Most of the cycles that are sold today have gears that can make adjustments to cycle. Cycles with adjustable handles and seats can be found almost in every shop. Bikes come with gears that let you tweak the pace of the cycle and this is very helpful on hilly terrain. Cadence which a term used to describe the speed of a pedal, you can achieve this by changing gears.

Using higher gears will lower the cadence and therefore you have to put in a lot of effort, while the lower gears makes cycling very easy and very fast. if you decide to cycle more than the ideal level of cadence  you can actually tire yourself out  and can cause a lot of stress to your knees.

High cadence cycling can help you get toned muscles but can pressurize your lungs and heart. There are certain cycles that are available with clip pedals that will facilitate better spinning. These clips will help the feet stay firm while you are cycling. If your feet are not secure then your foot will slip and your feet will sustain a lot of injuries.

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

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Position the Saddle

The most important component of a cycle is the saddle. There is no doubt that a cyclist will prefer to hit the road with comfortable saddle than a saddle that is uncomfortable. Most people live under the misconception that cushioned saddles are the best options, well the truth is that they should be avoided at all cost as they can cause more pain.

Making suitable adjustment to the saddle is important if you wish to have a comfortable spinning or cycling session. A lot of people tend to overlook this important thing; you should know that the height of the saddle should be adjusted as per your comfort. If you put the saddle too low then it can actually put a lot of strain on your knees and limit complete rotation of your leg. This may also cause the joints to fatigue and become weak.

So you understand that by cycling at an uncomfortable height can cause a bent at a right angle in the knees and can also restrict movement of your knees. This problem can also cause uncomfortable swelling of the knees. You must also keep in mind that everyone’s height is different and you have to adjust the position of the saddle accordingly.

Once you make changes to the saddle you must sit on it and have a go to see how you feel. If you feel comfortable and there is no pain it means this is the right position for you. If you do face any problems then you must make changes to the position of the saddle. Proper positioning of the saddle will make sure that you can maintain a proper posture while cycling.

Proper positioning will take the stress of your knees and will facilitate proper circular movement. If you feel a bit of a stretch on your legs then it is an indication that the saddle is high for you. So adjust the saddle to the extent where you can reach the pedal properly.

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

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Paying attention to the pedals

The good news that there are many clipless pedals which make cycling a pleasant experience for you, if your feet are not secured on the pedal it could be dangerous. To perform spinning or cycling you need to move at a particular speed and as a cyclist you will be moving nonstop; if your feet are not secured on the pedal and if they slip you can get injured or even fracture your feet. Once you settle down on the cycle you must make changes to angle in which you place your feet and keep it secured using the buckles provided.

The height of the handle

You must make sure that the saddle and handle should be aligned properly if you want to maintain proper posture while you are cycling. Setting the handle too high or low will cause a lot of discomfort to a rider. This will also cause a lot of muscles to stretch unnecessary and giving rise to intense pain. Spend some time in aligning the various parts of the cycle to get the position you desire. If you  want to avoid injuries proper posture is a must while cycling.

Suffering From Knee Pain While Cycling? Know The Precautions

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There are many manufactures that make cycles, but the truth is that not all of them are good.  You must take the time and locate reliable brands, buying branded items may require you to shell out extra cash but it will be worth it. Read the customer reviews on the internet before you buy any brand. You also can buy good bikes from the internet and there are vendors that offer good discounts too. If you go on camping trips with your cycle be sure to buy Bicycle Bags to carry useful items on the trip.

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