Connect With Your Cycling Tribe With These 15 Fantastic Websites

Connect With Your Cycling Tribe With These 15 Fantastic Websites

Keeping up with popular cycling blogs and websites can help you to stay at the top of your biking game. It can motivate you to get out there in inclement weather, and it can offer you a positive outlook when you hear from others in your tribe. Below is an overview of the top 15 cycle sites to keep you informed and invigorated on your biking journey.

Top Cycling Blogs

Fifteen Great Cycling Sites in 2017

#1 The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring is a fast-paced blog that is much like the professional cycling world that it describes. The author focuses on a wide range of topics in the world of professional cycling and the sport of cycling, and he often shares humorous and insightful takes on current events in that arena. He also has extensive lists of book reviews and trails to ride to keep you busy and expand your riding world.

+ Target Audience

This website is ideal for people who love the sport of cycling. It is a great place to track the news in the world of professional cyclists, and there’s a vibrant community represented in the comments section of each post. It’s a great place to connect with fellow fans and stay in the loop.

+ Tips for You

This site will stoke the fire within you for the passion of cycling. There are great resources to help you find your next trail and inspirational book, and you’ll love being caught up on professional events, too.

#2 Bike Snob NYC

This blog will keep you laughing and informed with its slightly snarky take on all things bikes. This site is part diary, part commentary on professional cycling, and all fun. There’s even an entertaining daily bike forecast, so those who live in or around New York City will laugh and know what to expect from the weather and possible construction delays.

+ Target Audience

The Bike Snob NYC is intended for fellow cyclists who appreciate a good sense of humor. This blog is perfect for riders of any age or stage, and it’s ideal for those who live near NYC.

+ Tips for You

The daily bike forecast has excellent, practical tips for people who live in the area. The author’s other posts are a great way to relax, enjoy bike riding, and remind you not to take yourself or your bike too seriously.

#3 Lovely Bicycle!

Lovely Bicycle is a visual treat of a blog that looks at many different aspects of cycling. The author is a regular commuter by bike, and she shares some of her life and adventures in Ireland. She also looks at the form and function of different bikes drawing from her personal and professional experiences with bikes.

+ Target Audience

This blog is perfect for cyclists of any age or skill level. The warm and inviting tones of each post will draw you in, and the author’s unique perspective will impart some new knowledge on different aspects of bikes and life in general.

+ Tips for You

The author presents may usable tips and suggestions for any biker. From bike reviews to advice on how to attach a wicker basket, there’s plenty of practical advice from this down-to-earth blogger.

#4 Steve Tilford

This blog contains advice and commentary from the late Steve Tilford, who was a professional cyclist for over 35 years. He has a wide variety of links to other well-known and helpful cycling sites, and he includes his unique take as a champion on competing in races and current events in the biking world. This five-time world champion of mountain biking had lots of great advice to share with cyclists of any level, and you can even find a touching eulogy from his funeral service on this blog.

+ Target Audience

This blog has something for a cyclist of every level, but it is especially helpful for avid fans of the sport of cycling and someone interested in competing. One of Steve’s goals was to always inspire people to get outside and get active, and that tends to be an underlying theme in his posts.

+ Tips for You

There are lots of great, practical tips and tricks in Steve’s posts. You can also learn a ton about the world of professional cycling from this insider’s point of view.

#5 The Human Cyclist

This cycling enthusiast from London, England, is sure to bring a smile to your face and some fun to your ride. The Human Cyclist is a self-proclaimed love letter to riding a bike and getting out there to enjoy the feeling of being alive. His posts are both informative and entertaining, and you’re sure to stop by frequently for the lighthearted updates.

+ Target Audience

This blog is ideal for anyone who loves to cycle, regardless of skill level. The well-written posts draw you in, and it’s easy to relate to this personable author. His advice is enjoyable to read, but the tips may be most useful for beginning cyclists.

+ Tips for You

This blog is full of great ideas that will help a beginner rider gain confidence and skills, even if you’re on a budget. He also gives many tips from getting faster inexpensively to how to survive a ride in the rain.

#6 As Easy As Riding a Bike

As Easy As Riding a Bike is an interesting blog encouraging people in England to pursue cycling. He makes some intriguing points and commentaries on the current road systems in the United Kingdom, and he uses his blog as a rallying point for ideas for change. There is great discussion in the comments section of this blog as people contribute their ideas to make cycling safer and roadways better. The author strongly believes that more people would reap the health and environmental benefits of cycling if riding a bike were easier and more attractive with improved bike paths.

+ Target Audience

This blog is great for people concerned about bike path design and cycling safety. It’s especially an ideal blog for someone living in Europe, as the author makes frequent references to bike paths, or lack thereof, in different parts of that continent. If you live in another area of the world, you’ll still be inspired by the innovative thoughts on bike lanes.

+ Tips for You

While this blog focuses more on the roadway systems currently available to cyclists, there are still some important points on roadway safety. This blog will also get you fired up about local road conditions and may inspire you to make a difference in your local community by promoting safe bike routes.

#7 Challenge Sophie

Challenge Sophie is the inspirational website of Sohpie Radcliffe, an endurance athlete with a passion for inspiring ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. After quitting her day job, Sophie focused on multiple long-distance sports like cycling challenges and Ironman competitions, blogging, and speaking engagements. Her blog gives great advice on keeping active and mentally fit, highlights amazing adventure travel destinations, and documents her race challenges.

+ Target Audience

This blog will inspire athletes of any age or stage. It’s specifically targeted to inspire and encourage anyone to push themselves and reach their personal best physically. Sophie participates in several different endurance sports, and cyclists will be impressed and challenged to join her in her Alpine Challenge and her annual ride from London to Paris in less than 24 hours.

+ Tips for You

Sophie has lots of great advice for keeping yourself mentally and physically fit. Her thoughts and advice will spur you on to greatness in daily life, both on and off your bike.

#8 Cycling Uphill

Cycling Uphill documents the thoughts and comments of British national cycling champion Tejvan Pettinger. His blog lets you follow along on some of his adventures cycling through England and beyond, and you can also find his race times and personal bests. This part-time economics teacher has a unique perspective on cycling and amazing photographs from his travels.

+ Target Audience

This blog is perfect for fans of Tejvan Pettinger and anyone who loves a good bike ride. His stunning images of previous bike rides will inspire you to get out there and find somewhere to ride with idyllic scenery.

+ Tips for You

There are some gems of advice from this champion cyclist hidden throughout the website. While you’ll primarily learn more about the author’s recent rides, you’ll also get some tips on how to deal with an injury or broken bike, hear some thoughts on recent races, and get a commentary on past and present professional cyclists.

#9 Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic is a fusion of fashion and bicycles based on Copenhagen’s unique and trendy bicycle culture. This website began over 10 years ago as a place for Mikael Colville-Andersen to display his artistic and stylish photographs of Danish cyclists. The attractive photos and trend-setting fashion encourages people to use their bike to commute.

+ Target Audience This blog is for anyone who loves fashion and bikes. It has inspired spin-off sites in many different countries, but Cycle Chic still leads the way in stylish ways to be on two wheels. If you love to shop for cycling-related, cute clothes, you can also find Cycle Chic’s shop, which is full of fun and funny clothes and accessories. + Tips for You This blog will inspire you to be a trend-setter on your bike. It gives you great ideas to mix fashion with your daily commute or leisurely bike ride.

#10 Ordinary Cycling Girl

Ordinary Cycling Girl is a wonderful mix of all things cycling, yoga, and health written by a lady named Donna who is exploring the world of fitness. Donna’s husband introduced her to a love of biking, and she shares her experiences, tips, and product reviews in an easy-going and easy-to-read manner. You’ll love catching up with where the adventures take this mom of two, and you’ll feel like you’re talking to a dear friend.

+ Target Audience

While this blog has some advice specifically for women, the majority of this blog is perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors and biking. If you have a young family, you’ll especially relate to her tales of cycling with a family in tow.

+ Tips for You

There are so many posts in Ordinary Cycling Girl that will help you to take action and enjoy your life. You may find that adding yoga or paddle-boarding can help you cross train for cycling, or you might love her tips for cycling without fear. You may even find yourself planning your next trip based off her excellent recommendations of great places to cycle.

#11 Cycling Europe

Cycling Europe is the quintessential guide to amazing cycling routes in Europe. The author, Andrew, has completed at least three long jaunts across Europe on his bike Reggie, and his adventures and stunning photography will help you feel like you’re right there with him. You’ll also appreciate the recommended cycling and hiking routes, and you’ll love seeing a breakdown of the equipment he brings on a long journey.

+ Target Audience

This blog is perfect for anyone who loves to cycle and loves to travel. You’ll get ideas of new places to go in Europe, and you can also enjoy travelling from your armchair as you read about the author’s adventures.

+ Tips for You

If you’re planning a cycling trip to Europe, this is a very thorough guide with cycling routes in almost every country. You’ll even know exactly how to pack with the helpful equipment guide.

#12 Bikes & Stuff

Bikes & Stuff is the blog of journalist and former model Juliet Elliott. In addition to being an award-winning blogger and previous professional snow boarder, she is now a cycling coach and competes in biking competitions. Juliet offers tons of great advice on cycling, competing, and more based off of her unique life experiences.

+ Target Audience This blog is written for anyone interested in cycling, and it has a special emphasis on women in the sport of cycling. It’s also helpful for those who want to see how a racing contestant trains and competes as she has several videos showing her training and racing styles. + Tips for You There are lots of great posts that will boast your skills and confidence as a cyclist of any level. She has some reviews of great gear and products that can enhance your rides, and she also includes her own training videos and tips that you can introduce into your own regimen.

#13 London Cyclist

The London Cyclist is managed by a team that wants to help you keep a finger on the pulse of the cycling world in London. It’s a place to stay abreast of the developments for cycling in London and also a spot for enthusiasts to connect and share tips and tricks. You can read reviews on great gear to support your rides, and you’ll find some fantastic routes to explore.

+ Target Audience

This blog is ideal for people who live in London and want to explore the surrounding area. It also works great for planning a cycling trip in London. It’s also ideal for people who want reviews on gear and advice about cycling in general.

+ Tips for You

There are so many ways that this website will help you to take action and advance in your cycling journey. With the reviews, you’ll get great advice for gear that will propel your cycling forward, and the London routes make it easy to plan a fun, active trip to London.

#14 The Cycling Blog

The Cycling Blog is written by Barry, a cycling competitor and mechanic. It’s a fount of knowledge on many technical aspects of bikes, competing, and gear. You’ll enjoy Barry’s stories and his expertise in this helpful blog, and he has much to share from his 30 years of racing experience.

+ Target Audience

This blog is for anyone who rides a bike not matter what age or skill level. With the perspective of both a competitor and a mechanic, Barry shares many helpful tips that will aid both people cycling for recreation and those participating in races.

+ Tips for You

You’ll love the practical advice on the care and keeping of your bike. You’ll also benefit from Barry’s race tips and gear recommendations as he imparts his wisdom from over 30 years of riding and racing.

#15 Women Who Cycle

Women Who Cycle was created by an Australian lady named Nicola to inspire and encourage other women to love and embrace cycling. It’s an excellent combination of practical tips like how to ride in the rain, sharing upcoming cycling events in Australia, and reviews for quality bike gear and products. You can even buy Women Who Cycle apparel to show your support for this great website.

+ Target Audience

This website has a lots of great news and tips for women in particular, but much of the advice is still applicable for men. There are many Australian-specific promotions and current events, so this site is especially great for female, Australian bike enthusiasts.

+ Tips for You

There are tons of practical pieces of advice in this down-to-earth blog. Nicola is easy to relate to, for she has discovered a love of cycling only in recent years. While she does compete in many races, she is not a professional competitor and is able to offer help for women who are just getting started in the world of cycling.

Approaching the Finish Line

These 15 websites are wonderful places to find more information for cyclists. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, these authors offer unique advice and perspectives on the sport and recreation of riding a bike. You’ll be inspired, challenged, and equipped to seize the handlebars and tackle the bike route or race of your dreams after reading these blogs.

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