What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Bikes are the love of many people. Some use it for rigorous trekking while some use it to do local grocery shopping. But, there are very few individuals who actually buy a bike keeping their needs in mind. And you know what the catchiest thing about a bike is? Its handle bars.

Now, there are many types of handlebars available. For some, their perfect bicycle saddle will do, but there are quite a lot of people who consider the handles to be the most important aspect of a bike. Handle bars not only provide a different look to the entire cycle frame but also change the whole functionality of the bike.

With so many manufacturers and models being launched every day in the market, a huge range of handle bars has also emerged. Some of these are listed below. These bars have a speciality of differentiating road bikes with a cyclocross bike, and each of them is more suited to a different type of terrain.

Mountain /flat/ straight bars

These are the iron bars found in most traditional bikes. They are usually completely flat. Only in some cases, they are bent towards the rider. Such handle bars are usually used by the riders who like to travel across countries. These handle bars are quite versatile and simple.

These handles, being versatile and straightforward, make climbing a better experience. They are narrow so are perfect of one has to squeeze in between spaces. They are comparatively lighter as well as cheaper. And since your back is straight most of the time, it reduces a lot of stress on the back of the rider.

However, if you are looking for high speed of risky courses, it is recommended not to pick up this handle.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

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Raised/ riser bar

These are similar to flat bars with the exception that the handle rises upwards at the central portion. These are wider than the flat bars. Also, these are more often used in trail biking as the rider can be more upright.

The advantages of raised bars are more control and better for wrists. Also, one can flip the handle upside down and use the same handle for climbing uphill.

The downside of raised bars is they are expensive. They are heavy and wide. They are nor recommended while climbing. Also, it provides very poor aerodynamics.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_handlebar

Bullhorn/ cow horn bars

As the name suggests, these bars come in the shape of horns. These bike bare curve upwards as well as forwards. A slight variation of the bullhorn is the pursuit bullhorn that bends forwards, then drops down a little and then goes upwards again.

These handles provide excellent aerodynamics and are generally the best bars for climbing. The pursuit bars are more suited to speed. What more, these handles make the rider look a complete badass!

These bars are not suitable for tight turns.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: http://www.bikeforums.net/folding-bikes/537715-dahon-helios-short-bullhorns.html

 Drop bars

Drop handle bars are more popular among the bike riders who love a balance of great looks and versatility. These bars look somewhat like a flat bar that has a straight middle section, and each end is curving downwards pointing at the rider.

Depending on the reach, drop, and width, these drop bars can be classics, compacts or ergo /anatomic. Classics showcase a long range and a steep drop. Compacts, on the other hand, have a short reach and shallow drop. Ergo types are more sophisticated and provide more comfort to the hand.

Then there are track drop bars that have large radii curve. Randonneur bars ae designed to have a shallow rise from the centre. Drop-in bars bend towards the head tube at the bottom of the drop.

These handle bars provide superb aerodynamics and are very versatile. Pedalling gets more comfortable with a small amount of force pushes the bike forwards a lot. These bikes look cool too and hence are very popular among the bike enthusiasts.

These are also not suitable for tight turns. Also, these must not be preferred for trail biking.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

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Aero bars

These are also known as triathlon bars and are used for time-trial cycling. These bars put the rider in a position wherein the friction due to air is minimum.

They provide superb aerodynamics and provide enough space to rest the hands. However, these handle bars can be dangerous, and are pathetic for climbing uphill.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2012/07/how-and-why-i-mount-cycling-gadget.html

Butterfly/ trekking bars

These bars are rightly called trekking bars. They allow for various hand positions while biking. There is a lot of room to keep things that one might need for long bike tours like mirror, bag, phone, maps and so on.

Such handles are practical for long trips. These are wrist friendly and provide comfort without straining the wrist bones and muscles. Also, these bikes are ideal for shifters.

The only disadvantage of these bars is that they are hefty.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

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Mustache handlebars

These handle bars look like a mustache. They offer four different hand positions, and one can ride straight or bent, depending on the terrain and weather.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: https://rustybikebell.wordpress.com/tag/tange-moustache-bars/

Cruiser bikes bars

These bars are extremely comfortable and give your bike a very cute look. Attaching a basket is also easy as there is room in the front.

They, however, need more seat padding and are not suitable for hills.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: http://exercisebikezone.blogspot.in/2014/10/firmstrong-urban-lady-beach-cruiser.html


These were some of the most important and most widely used handle bars. However, there are still a lot more bars that need to make to the list to make it complete. Some of these are:

  • BMX handle bars

These handle a lot of rough use and provide stability even if a lot of weight is put on. these are the handle bars bike tricks people use.

  • H-bars

Looped, bent of standard h-bar, these bars allow even more hand positions.

  • Ape hangers

Such handle bars are a little ridiculous, and the bars are so high, that one has to actually raise his hands like he would steer the bike.

  • Porteur Bikes

These bikes are more suited when front mounted bike racks are needed.

  • Condorino bike bars

These bars have been around the corner since the 1950s. the bar curves forwards and then sick outwards. It resembles a bottle opener.

  • Whatton bar

They are used when one is using a penny-farthing bike.

When choosing a handle bar, one should always choose on the basis of comfort, leverage, and lift. In the handlebar mechanics, the width, strength, and weight are important factors to be considered. Some other factors that play a crucial role are flared, tapered, butted, and bar ends.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle Handlebar And Its Usage

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_handlebar

These were some of the bike handle bars and some details about them. Choosing a handle bar depends totally on the needs of the biker. If one wants a good look and light weight, these are various options for it. If one needs a badass look, then also there are so many options available. You just need to explore the rich variety of handle bars.

If you are not certain that where you can find these bars, ask in your locality. Or search online. There are just so many options available. You just need to look at the right place. And then your biking experience will get just the best!

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