What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility


Everybody knows that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. At present our surrounding is getting polluted by leaps and bounds due to cutting of trees and smokes coming out from the engines of cars and from outlet of industries. Hence, it is quite difficult to keep oneself healthy, fit and free from any type of complicacy or diseases. It is said that health is wealth which means a person having fit and strong body is supposed to be richest person on this earth.


There is a myth among the people that consumption of balanced diet is enough for getting a hale and hearty body which is not true. Balanced diet and proper work or exercise are necessary. If you do not exercise regularly then you may become ponderous by eating only. Everybody should know Cruiser bicycle helpful tips.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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For getting a healthy and fit body one should always remain active. Human body is like a machine. More you will take work from it more will be its lifetime. Physical works make the body much stronger. To be fit some people do Yoga some other join Jim and invest ample of money in building their body. Regular activity keeps us away from many fatal diseases like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, mental illness, arthritis and diabetes. Riding bicycle is one of the best options that can diminish the risk of health troubles associated with a sedentary routine.

Benefits of Riding Bicycle

Cycling is a low-impact cheaper exercise which is enjoyed by the people of all age group from children to old. Bicycling is very good type of exercise which entertain us by being kind to the nature at the same time. It is an aerobic activity in which our all body parts, lungs and heart get a vigorous work out. During cycling our heart starts beating faster, breathe deeper and we perspire a lot which lowers the body temperature and consequently reduces the risk of fatal ailments. It also fits easily into our daily routine by riding to parks or neighbours.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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There are different types of bicycle with different brands and facilities present in market. Seeing lots of choices anyone can be overwhelmed. One can select as per his requirement, budget and comfort zone. Some of them are following.

1. Mountain Bicycles

Mountain bikes are specially designed to counter the roughness and toughness of roads of hills, mountains and trails. This bicycle is generally the most bought bike from the shop because it is very much comfortable to ride, very much affordable and having many appealing varieties and colours. One finds it very much striking even if it is not what he is preparing to use for. In fact generally the mountain bikes are not used as for what it is designed for.

Several gears and very efficient brakes make it suitable to ride on the rough surface of mountains. The tires are wide, thick and chunky and the thickness of wheel is 26 inches. The broad tires and suspension absorb jolt which makes it more comfortable and stable bike who can lever rugged terrain without deteriorating to pieces.

  • ProsGreat brakes, bombproof, upright position, versatile.
  • ConsHeavy, very attractive to thieves, slow on tarmac.
What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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2. Road Bikes

This bike is designed for very high speed on a smooth surface but not to be used on rugged or unpaved surface. It has narrow tyres, short wheelbase and a light weight frame. Wheels are designed to minimize the friction between tires and road. It comes with typically two types of handlebars in market i.e. drop-bar and flat-bar handlebars. The first one gives different positions of hand while riding results in the longer rides with more fun and less fatigue whereas flat-bar provide a more upright position. People of France use it in cycling competition i.e. Tour de France.

  • Pros: Quick, efficient.
  • Cons: Light tyres puncture frequently, fragile.
What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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3. Touring Bicycles

This one is the cosiest type of street bicycles. It has drop handlebars, pannier racks on which one can put luggage. Its wheelbase is bigger than the road and mountain bicycles.  These bicycles have larger frame triangle and have more gears. The lower gears help to pedal heavy load in the inclined path. Drop handlebars cooperate in making upright position.

  • Pros: Can carry lots of loads, quicker, tough.
  • Cons: Not used in race purpose.
What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touring_bicycle

4. Folding Bikes

If someone has to travel in a public transportation like bus and train then he can use folding bikes in this situation. They are amazing for storing away if you are in journey. The wheels, handlebars and frame hinge together and can come into a standard box which is very convenient to carry from one place to others. Use mainly in support of the first and last legs of a traveller’s expedition. They can be easily folded and can be packed in a bag yet stronger.

  • Pros: Convenient to store and carry
  • Cons: Speed is less than big wheeled bikes. 
What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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5. Hybrid Bicycles

If anybody wants the cross between the road and mountain bike then he will get hybrid. It is basically blend of mountain and road bikes hence it contains the pros, cons and characteristics of both bikes. Good to use on paved rides that are shorter in length. It looks like mountain bike having slimmer wheel, tyres and frames. They have a little raised handlebars which give better standing position. They are more comfy and stable but speed is lesser than mountain bike. Their performances are good on road hence can be used in commuting or leisure.

  • Pros: Quicker, upright, versatile.
  • Cons: Almost as breakable as race bike.
What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_bicycle

6. City Bicycles

Mainly used for travel in urban areas. City Bicycles are made strong to endure the ruthless road conditions. One can be use it on the road where fragments like glass shards, nails, potholes and gravels are scattered. Its performance would be nice on city roads. It is designed to be used in all weathers. One can achieve upright position whilst riding the city bicycles. It has front and rear lights too which is helpful in night.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

Photo Credit: http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/05/07/how-to-break-into-the-cycling-industry-paul-budntiz-of-budnitz-bicycles/

7. BMX

This bike is best suitable for doing stunts. It is famous for dirt track racing. They have small frames and wide tyres making it ideal for stunting. The idea of designing the BMX came in the year 1960 while some children were in action of dirt track racing with wheelie bike. This started the BMX revolution.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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8. Cruiser Bikes

These are very comfortable bike having padded seats, numerous speeds and many gears. It is a lightweight bicycle which can be used on the paces like beaches or on flat roads. boulevardiers or Beach bicycles are another name of this bike.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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9. Utility Bikes

These are considered as the semi trucks of bicycles. This is perfect for shipping groceries. These bikes feature sturdy and long frames. Spokes are added to rims which gives it strength and wide tyres provide extra stability. Many accessories are attached onto the rear racks. It gives upright position while riding. There are many advantages of single speed bike which cannot be ignored.

What Are The Types Of Bicycle & Its Top Utility

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Some more categories of bicycles like track bike, electric bicycles and freeride bikes are present in market. One should buy a bicycle as per his requirements and likings. Nowadays campaigning is done in order to support the use of bicycles and reduce the use of automobiles. Use bicycle and say yes to good health and pure environment.

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